The Rescue Dog Starter Bundle helps to choose your perfect rescue dog to suit your lifestyle and kickstart your journey with your new furry friend. This dratically improves the liklihood of a successful rehome and a reltionship that meets the needs of both the dog and the human. Included in this plan is an initial 60 minute video call with Dogtor Grace to asses your lifestyle and identify a dog to suit. Dogtor Grace will then attend as many visits as needed to the rescue centre with you to determine whether the dog suits your lifestyle and ensure you rehome the right dog.


A detailed PDF will be sent to you laying out the process required to ensure your rescue dog gets off to the best start. The training plan teaches methods to ensure your new family member settles in calmly whilst laying the ground rules from day one to avoid any potential obstacles in the future.

There are links to videos explaining some of the points in the training plan to make the process comfortable and smooth for both you and the dog.


Dogtor Grace will then have a follow up call to make sure you are on track!

* For those in Warwickshire Only - Dogtor Grace will visit you for a 1 hour training session!

* For those outside of Warwickshire a 1 hour video training session is available


Rescue Dog Starter Bundle


    As many visits as required with Dogtor Grace to the rescue centre

    x2 60 minute video calls

    x1 PDF training plan including video links

    x1 1 hour support visit (Warwickshire Only) or 1 hour support video call if outside of Warwickshire