Hi, I'm Grace Sharp-Dogtor Grace

My love and passion for dogs led me to open Henley Dog Cabins in 2017 which is a dog day care facility in Warwickshire. I care for dogs daily with a variety of needs and wants that I have to accommodate. You name a breed and I have looked after it and/or trained it!

I work closely with my customers to make sure that their dog has a fulfilling life not just at day care but also when they are at home with their family. This has allowed me to gain a great knowledge base of what dogs require and given me the tools to relay the information effectively to the owners to get the best results.

I treat all dogs like my own and it is truly my life passion for all dogs to have a life that they love! I give my promise that you will lead a happier life once we start working together!

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Many years of dog experience!

My name is Grace Sharp and I have a degree in Animal and Human Psychology and have 2 rescue dogs. However it’s all well and good knowing your stuff, but can I put it into practice?


Yes! I have worked for dog rehabilitation charities working with dogs that had been seized by the police and were facing euthanasia. I had to train them to the point where they could pass their temperament tests and be safely rehomed. Whilst tough at times the fulfilment made me instantly forget the difficulties I faced.

I do not just rehabilitate naughty or aggressive dogs I also love to educate people lucky enough to be blessed with a puppy in their life! Beautiful blank slates are a dream to work with once you get past the fact they have the attention span of a fruit fly! No one has had the chance to mess up these little guys' development yet so get it right from the start but remember, keep it fun with puppies or they will fall asleep or piddle up your kitchen counter.​

Think like a dog!

My philosophy for training dogs:

  1. Embrace the opportunity to guide your puppy in the crucial first months up to a year and your life will be so much easier later in life and your baby will be balanced and happy.

  2. If you are wonderful enough to take on a adult dog that a previous human has misguided, then never be disheartened, sometimes these dogs' gratitude can make them the most willing to please and succeed if handled in a calm and assertive manner.

  3. OLD DOGS MOST DEFINITELY CAN LEARN NEW TRICKS! This is the biggest cop out I ever come across! That and ‘well I’m so busy’. If you genuinely are too busy then please let me put together a plan that can work around your schedule!